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Trademark Search

It is vital to know whether a trademark is available at all before attempting to register it. With Trademark Search our trademark specialist conducts a comprehensive study so that you can make a well-founded assessment of your registration possibilities.

Trademark registration

The trademark specialist will help you with the registration of your trademark. A trademark will enable you to take action against infringement by third parties. Your brand will be protected in the entire European Union.

Trademark Watch

Trademark authorities do not actively check whether an applied trademark has already been registered. Trademark Watch is a 100% automated monitoring service which detects all conflicting later registrations, and sends you a notification thereof per signaled later registration.

Trademark Search: € 350,-

Trademark registration: € 1450,-

Trademark Watch: € 295,-

Filing a European Union Trademark

A European Union trademark application has to be filed at the European Union Intellectual Property Office in Alicante Spain (EUIPO).

The European Union trademark application has to be made in one of the official languages of the European Union Intellectual Property Office ‘EUIPO’, which are: English, German, French and Spanish. The examination of the European Union trademark application includes an official search for identical or similar prior trademarks. Before your European Union trademark is granted, the European Union trademark application will be published in the ‘European Union Trademarks Bulletin’. After your European Union trademark application is published, third parties may oppose your application. Owners of a prior national trademark in any member state of the European Union may oppose the application for your European Union trademark. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct a trademark search in the European Union before applying for a European Union trademark. The opposition period is 3 months, starting on the publication date. If no oppositions are filed, your European Union trademark (EU-trademark) will be granted.

After obtaining your European Union trademark (EU-trademark) you will have to use it inside the territory of the European Union within 5 years. If the European Union trademark is not used in the European Union within five years, third parties may request the cancellation of your European Union trademark.

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Our trademark specialist can help you with the initial research, the actual filing and the active protection of your trademark.

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